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JP-S5438682-A: Fluorescent lamp patent, JP-S5474245-A: High frequency pulse welding patent, JP-S5483053-A: Flame-retardant resin composition patent, JP-S55130537-A: Device for visualizing moving portion patent, JP-S55131098-A: Automatic fragrance detergent composition patent, JP-S55137162-A: Silicone composition and manufacture patent, JP-S55139054-A: Engine generator patent, JP-S5515463-A: Manufacture of stereoisomeric nnaralkyll 2*66dimethylmorpholine patent, JP-S5518445-A: Phenolic resin solid solution and its preparation patent, JP-S5523958-A: Method of keeping freshness of dried fish patent, JP-S5531324-A: Transient noise preventing circuit patent, JP-S5551818-A: Production of polyvinyl alcohol hollow fiber with high dimensional stability patent, JP-S5582436-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S56102541-A: Amorphous magnetic alloy patent, JP-S56106301-A: Electronic part element patent, JP-S56121271-A: Electric connection terminal patent, JP-S5617485-A: Optical reader for character or the like patent, JP-S562693-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-S56501070-A: patent, JP-S57113420-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S57164564-A: Planar semiconductor device patent, JP-S5742673-A: Carbostyril derivative patent, JP-S574779-A: Printer allowing correction of printing timing patent, JP-S5760543-A: Recording medium for energy beam patent, JP-S5762478-A: Optical identifying method for notes or like patent, JP-S5767927-A: X-ray exposure device patent, JP-S58104944-A: Self-curing phenolic resin and its preparation patent, JP-S581393-A: Signal receiving circuit patent, JP-S5814015-A: Device of detecting abnormal use of gas patent, JP-S58153260-A: Loading device of magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S58157959-A: Method and apparatus for regenerating electroless plating bath patent, JP-S58157993-A: Method for coloring aluminum or aluminum alloy patent, JP-S58159409-A: Use of perfluorocarbon as injury medicine patent, JP-S5817420-A: Liquid crystal display element patent, JP-S58176973-A: Preparation of semiconductor device patent, JP-S58181008-A: Connecting method of optical fiber patent, JP-S58200737-A: Medical m mode image playback apparatus patent, JP-S58211108-A: Focusing detector and setter for endoscope patent, JP-S58215882-A: Document sorting method patent, JP-S583602-A: Production of extremely thin solid film patent, JP-S5846677-A: Bipolar transistor and preparation of the same patent, JP-S588719-A: Unsaturated polyester resin molding material patent, JP-S59101552-A: Distribution type jet pump for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S59102321-A: Structure of power transmission part in reamer patent, JP-S59108201-A: Headlamp patent, JP-S59111689-A: Liquid crystal driving system patent, JP-S59117506-A: Film of crystalline propylene-alpha-olefin copolymer patent, JP-S59124408-A: Pneumatic flat radial tire for heavy load and preparation thereof patent, JP-S59139208-A: Steam hair curler patent, JP-S59140257-A: Polyphenylene ether resin composition patent, JP-S59141806-A: Amplifier circuit patent, JP-S59156211-A: Seedling planter with seedling feed controller patent, JP-S59168213-A: Lubricating apparatus for reciprocating piston engine patent, JP-S59199240-A: Irregular decorative material and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S59231097-A: Manufacture of homogeneous human immunological interferon subtype 26k and 21k patent, JP-S5957817-A: Pipe conveyor patent, JP-S5971527-A: Computer system patent, JP-S5972444-A: Method for processing silver halide color photographic sensitive material patent, JP-S5991553-A: Instruction prefetch device having real address branching history table patent, JP-S60139811-A: Polyvinylidene fluoride monofilament patent, JP-S60143142-A: Emergency controller for vehicle dependent on electronic control patent, JP-S60157273-A: Manufacture of thin film photo transistor patent, JP-S6017236-A: Fuel supply control method under deceleration of internal-combustion engine patent, JP-S60180268-A: Remote connection control system patent, JP-S60188167-A: Temporary bone forming material comprising high molecular electret film patent, JP-S60189671-A: Power steering device patent, JP-S60204512-A: Conveyor patent, JP-S60229825-A: Power extracting assembly patent, JP-S6034197-A: Preparation of tyrosine patent, JP-S6063992-A: Housing for electromagnetic shield patent, JP-S606469-A: Drip operation type printing mechanism patent, JP-S6066346-A: Production of information recording body patent, JP-S6071579-A: Method of bonding alumina and metal patent, JP-S609742-A: Synthetic resin product and method and apparatus for putting transfer foil to synthetic resin product patent, JP-S6098168-A: Plasma ignition device patent, JP-S61100295-A: Yarn cutter of sewing machine patent, JP-S61107801-A: Frequency converting circuit patent, JP-S61111138-A: Deodorant for refrigerator and for freezer in combination with it patent, JP-S61116468-A: Device for guiding and shifting carriage for office machine patent, JP-S61145869-A: Thin-film transistor patent, JP-S6115729-A: Method and apparatus for supplying chemical solution patent, JP-S61177244-A: Manufacture of stain-resistant sheet patent, JP-S61193291-A: Automatic tansactor patent, JP-S61202890-A: Laminate film for thermal transfer patent, JP-S61205744-A: Multi-chamber type air-conditioning machine patent, JP-S61215547-A: Processing system for photosensitive material patent, JP-S61227379-A: Electric terminal patent, JP-S61230074-A: Time setting device patent, JP-S61234078-A: Manufacture of thin film transistor patent, JP-S61235509-A: Partial hardening device for annular steel parts patent, JP-S61243081-A: Pyridonecarboxylic acid derivative, and ester and salt thereof patent, JP-S61243693-A: Automatic lighter/extinguisher patent, JP-S61245782-A: Automatic white balance adjustment device patent, JP-S61251870-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S61256670-A: Insulated gate field effect transistor patent, JP-S61261672-A: Control device for ignition timing in internal combustion engine patent, JP-S61262516-A: Method of cleaning contaminated soil patent, JP-S61263472-A: Driving relay machine in coin feeder patent, JP-S6126643-A: Dynamically cured thermoplastic olefin polymer patent, JP-S61283885-A: Compound radar patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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